Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday


That July is B's Locaversary!  Yes, ALL of July, because it took me that long to put her locs in!  This is B's 3 year Locaversary and her locs are more gorgeous than ever!  She loves them, I love them, everyone who meets her loves them!

In honor of B's beautiful locs I am going to try to do a few loc related posts over this month.

For today I wanted to share a video I found on youtube a while back about this girls 5 favorite loc accessories.  I liked it because she was using some things I had never heard of before - like a Dreadsock which looks like a great alternative to the sleep caps my girls use.  I also LOVED her idea for how to use multiple thin headbands.  Unfortunately, although we have those same headbands and love them, I tried to use them this way on B and it didn't quite work.  I am not sure if it is because he locs aren't as big and fluffy as the girl in the video, or just because she is an active girl and I knew that they would fall off in a matter of minutes.  I still love the idea :)  I also love, love, love the hair wrap.  I want to wrap B's locs so bad because I think you can get some really gorgeous looks this way, but we haven't invested in anything to wrap them in yet.

Hope you enjoy the video and stay tuned for more of B's locs, coming soon!!!!



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