Friday, August 5, 2011

The Fabulous Flexi-Clip!

This is exciting everyone!

Remember a few months ago when I posted about these awesome hair things I would LOVE to get my hands on - if only we had the spare cash for a frivolous purchase?

Well, I had written to one of the Lilla Rose distributors, the lovely Paula Ramm, to get permission to use their pictures on our blog.  Not only did she gladly grant that permission, but she asked if we could work together on a review and giveaway!  EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!  That is my happy squeal!

It was a REALLY hard decision to pick out which Flexi-clip to get first, because they have a huge selection in each size.  I decided to go with an all silver one because even though the colorful ones are cute, I thought silver would be more versatile.  Than I watched the sizing video and I had a tough decision to make on size.  I was hoping to get one that Miss B and I could share.  So I chose a MEDIUM clip.

When our clip came in the mail I was SO excited!  I put it in B's hair right away!  A Medium is a great size for doing half up type of styles on her.  Her locs have gotten so beautifully thick that I can't quite get a whole half of them into the clip, but we can still do some really pretty, simple styles like this:

Oh my gosh!  Don't her locs just look gorgeous!  This would probably look a bit more elegant without the floss hair wraps, but it still looks very pretty.

I am very pleased with the quality of the clip.  It is super sturdy, easy to use, and fun!  

For my hair the medium is a bit too big.  Next time I might have to get myself a small.  The only way I can make it work in my hair is to pile all of my hair into a bun - as condensed as possible - and fix the clip over top.  Anything else I have tried to do, my hair is just not thick enough to hold the clip in.  But, when I do it this one way, the clip holds all day long, really well!

Hi, Steph here!! We also decided get a medium, but we went with the multi-colored one

(same as I used to do beaded styles on G...usually very colorful. G picks her own clothes and I gave up matching clothes to beads years ago LOL. I would be happy to see shirt match to pants most of the time!). G's locs are not as dense as B's, so we were able to get all her locs in a medium clip. It is super secure and SOOO pretty. I wore the same clip to work and got lots of compliments. On me, the medium fit all my hair but seemed a tiny bit loose. I think the small holds all my hair much tighter.

Paula recently had a free shipping sale so I ordered a small
and an extra small
after I had tried the medium. The extra small was great for a partial ponytail on G, and it stayed tight and secure over a few days without removing it....she even swam in it and it didn't budge an inch.

Here are all three in her hair so you can see the sizes. I think it's a bit of an optical illusion that the gold one (the small) looks the same as the multicolored one (the medium). I think it's due to my tall camera angle:

Notice in the second photo, the top clip - look how flexible it is! G was already wearing a partial ponytail in an elastic, and I put the extra small clip right over the elastic, so it had to really bend into a semicircle. It did this perfectly!

I have to mention one of the best features about these clips is that, unlike its predecessor, you remember, the leather patch with the holes in it and the stick that poked through (remember the 60's and 70's?), with the flexi-clip, the stick is ATTACHED to the clip. It CANNOT get lost. I didn't realize this until I got mine in the mail and I thought it was ingenious.

You will notice that Paula has also chosen to advertise on our blog!

If you love these clips as much as we do, we would love for you to show some love to Paula, click on her ad and order through her.  She has been great to work with, and in a few days we will be posting a giveaway that she has offered to sponsor. Hooray!

To check out Paula's Lilla Rose Website click here, or find her on facebook, or twitter.

I can't wait to get some more Flexi Clips!  I am going to get a small for me and someday a mini to do half up stuff on my hair.  I also want to get a large or extra large for B to try and hold up all of her locs!  I will post links to the sizing info with the giveaway so that you can get an idea on what you and your daughters might need!  They also have other really beautiful hair accessories that I would love to try out.  Check out the rest of the Lilla Rose products here.

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  1. I am obsessed with flexi-8 clips. Their quality is phenomenal! I have over 20 that I have collected over the years. They are my go-to accessories when I want to make a blah style look more sophisticated.


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