Sunday, July 31, 2011

Skip a Step

Since V only wore the 8 large cornrows for a week, I decided to skip a step with her next style and recycle those parts.  I was not yet sick of the style, it just had to be redone because it was such a mess.  So I kept it simple and just doubled the amount of braids going into the ponytail!

I have been avoiding beads this summer.  Trying to really rest her ends and gets some growth.

The 4 cornrows going up the back of her head became 8.  Similarly the 4 cornrows in the front became 8. The difference being that for every 1 cornrow I replaced it with a set of Criss-Crossing cornrows.  Well, Crissing cornrows I suppose, they don't actually Criss and then Cross.  (It's ok if you don't think I am funny.)  

The other change I made was that I took the 1 cornrow from her bang area and split it into two.  I had these two cornrows continue back into the criss-crossing ones behind it.  

If you would like to watch an OLD video of ours with the instructions on how to do Criss-Cross Cornrows, Go For It!  Miss V was quite little when we made this video and I think it is the one where she has a cold and makes a bunch of gross nosies for your listening pleasure.  This is also the one where I don't realize I was in my pajamas until I was uploading it to youtube.  Good Times.  



  1. Thank God I found your you tube channel and your blog!!!!!! I stumbled upon your yt channel a long time back. I LOOOOOOVED your videos. The braid styles are amazing. I didn't subscribe at that time so I had to a desperate search to find your channel again. *whooo* what a relief. I have natural hair and I learned so much from your videos. Thank you for sharing your family with all of us. Take care!

  2. i just recently saw v's hair journey and the beginning stages you did a style where her hair was cornrowed in the front and two strand twisted in the back. how did you prevent her twists from sticking straight up??? it seems for me the only way to prevent this from happening is beads and i don't ALWAYS want her in beads.


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