Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not Always Picture Perfect

Today's post is to let you all know that HAIR is NOT ALWAYS PICTURE PERFECT IN THIS HOUSE!  You all get the benefit of seeing freshly done styles, but the reality is that that only lasts so long.  And I am the queen of stretching a style.  It took me years to get comfortable with the idea, but fuzzy hairstyles are no longer my worst enemy.  I surely have occasions when I want my kids to look their best.  And I also have my moments where I find myself suddenly wishing my girls were looking a bit tidier - eek!  But for the most part, I have learned to let go of obsessively caring about what other people were thinking about my kids hair.  It's a good feeling.

So after 5 1/2 weeks with V's second set of box braids I decided to take them out because it was one of those moments where I wanted her looking her best.  We spent last weekend in Illinois visiting with family that we only see every couple of years.  I needed to do something simple due to time restraints so I went with an old favorite, 8 large cornrows into a ponytail.  Click the link to see the last time this style made a blog appearance.  The difference this time is that I wanted to show off Miss V's big beautiful puff!  So instead of braiding or twisting to the ends I only braided up to the ponytail and than banded off each cornrow.  Which I then gathered into one ponytail holder for a GIANT puff!  Gorgeous!  This is a picture perfect moment.

Our second day in Illinois was a beach day.  I was not keen on the idea of this much free hair playing at the beach.  That is why I banded off each cornrow individually.  It made it easy for me to go back and continue each cornrow into a hanging braid.  It was a pretty fast process and looked cute.  Also fun to be able to sort of show off 2 different styles in one weekend.

Now for the not so pretty part.  These bigger cornrows are only meant to last a week - TOPS!  V was pretty rough on them over the weekend, I had her wear a swim cap at the beach because I still have fears of sand and seaweed, but unfortunately I think putting the cap on and off can mess the hair up a bit.  Then she had swimming lessons on Monday, where we have NOT been using caps.  I am proud to say I am no longer afraid of water!  On top of all that I have been super sick the last few days and she has not been getting her hair sprayed daily.  So this is how V looks after a week of all that....

Thank goodness I am feeling better.  Looks like tomorrow will be hair day.



  1. I think her hair still looks beautiful after a week! My B's hair would be looking worse than that after three days, ha! We are lovin' our locs, though you were right, these first weeks (just finished tightening for the first time) have been a test in patience and I don't think it's over yet.



  3. What hair products are you currently using for the girls hair.

  4. @2curlynaturalheads - Not much! We use Taliah Waajid bodifying mist diluted as a daily spray. We only wash with Conditioner, also Taliah Waajid. Sometimes I use TW gel for styling and every great once in awhile I use coconut oil or a coconut oil/shea butter mixture for moisture. I like to keep it simple :)


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