Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Removing Floss Hair Wraps

I have had many people ask me how to take out the hair wraps from my last post.  To tell you the truth, I was wondering the same thing!

I consulted my friend that I got this idea from and she said, first of all, that she leaves the wraps in her daughters hair ALL summer.  So no need to rush and take them out!  She also said that she un-knots them and makes little snips with her scissors to get them out.

Well, I took little E's out yesterday because I was worried about it damaging her baby fine hair if I left it in that long.  I was NOT interested in untying every single knot  - NO THANKS!  On E, I was able to slide/stretch the knots down about 3 or 4 at a time.  This made an opening in the wrap between knots that I could grab her braid and pull it out of the bottom three knots.  Then I moved up another 3 knots and slid them down a bit and pulled the hair out again.  It was still a bit of a slow process but faster, I am sure, than actually untying each knot!

I ended up taking V's wrap out today because we will be saying goodbye to the box braids tomorrow.  Her second set of braids lasted 5 1/2 weeks without a problem, but we are going to visit family this weekend and she needs a new 'do!  So out came the floss!  I did the same thing with her as I did on Little E.  First snipping off the bottom knot and then working my way up from the bottom sliding her braid out of about 3-6 knots at a time.  Occasionally I hit a stubborn spot that I used my scissors to very carefully make a little snip at the floss.  It took a few minutes to take it out, but as a mom of a curly girl, I am not a stranger to spending a lot of time on V's hair.  This was really quite simple!

If you are curious, I am planning to leave B's wraps in for the remainder of the summer unless they start looking yucky.  My friend doesn't have curly daughters so she probably isn't spraying their hair with oils daily like I am.  So far, the oils aren't having a negative effect of the floss wraps.  They still look bright and fun!  I will probably take B's out in a month or more when we get ready to do her back-to-school tightening.



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