Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to School 2011 - B's Hair

Nothing really new or impressive here, but I think it looks really cute and the best part of this kind of style on B is that it keeps the locs OUT OF HER FACE!  Kids- I'm telling ya!  Why on earth would you want to walk around and talk to people with hair hanging in your face????

All we did for this style was put in 7 cornrows from front to back:

 These cornrows on their own turned out pretty cute and we might do a variation on this for a style sometime, but it wasn't quite the look we were going for on a special day.

So, she washed her hair in the morning and I put in these rows.  She wore them all day and night and I took them out (half way) the next morning to get the wavy locs!

At the point where I stopped taking out the cornrows I used 2 of her locs to tie off the braids so they wouldn't unravel.  You can't even see them!  Then we added the pretty butterfly headband - EASY!

The style looked just as adorable on day two without the headband.  And as a bonus we didn't need to wrestle with her bangs to get them out of her face for soccer practice - we didn't even put in a ponytail, she just wore it like this and it was perfect!



  1. wow, her hair is so long! love the look!

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  3. I LOVE THIS!! Her locs look so healthy, I love the wavy look. And what a gorgeous girl. New follower your blog. :)


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