Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday

Did You Know???

That Little E is growing up way too fast!

I am sure most mother's feel that way about the baby of the family.  Right? I have probably mentioned before how much I love babies.  The baby/toddler stage is my absolute favorite!

I adore the fact that our family was knit together through adoption, but I lament the fact that I didn't have the opportunity to know and love on my oldest three kids when they were babies.

So when God blessed our family with Little E, I was thrilled to finally have a baby!  I think I was hoping she would stay a baby forever.  Clearly that is not to be, because my baby turned 4 last week and had her first day of preschool yesterday!  Oh how time flies!

So, I will share with you a little photo montage of E's birthday and first day of school - mostly pics of her cute hairstyles!  And since she is still tiny and cute as a button, we will all pretend she is still a baby!

Little E has been begging for Soft Spikes for months!  It is so cute because I don't think she really cares about the end result, she just wants me to take pictures of her looking like a porcupine head and put them on the computer like I do with her Sissys!  I put three tiny cornrows up in the front before putting in the Soft Spikes.

Do you see that cute yellow flower clip in her hair?  That is a teaser of something we have coming up!

Picnic lunch with mom and dad for her birthday!

Ready to open presents now that the big kids are home from school!
Ready for preschool!

I almost always do cornrows on E (or inverted french braids) because my hands are more comfortable braiding underhand.  I decided to try a more traditional french braid on her and it looks so pretty!

Painting at school!

So, the big question here is:  When do we drop the "little" and start calling her Miss E?



  1. C-U-T-E! Love that hair flower! ;) She's a doll!

  2. The really nice thing which is more fascinating than hair ,was the smile of kids.


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